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This album was recorded in Ian's room.


released December 15, 2012

Produced by J Starr

Concept and Music by Ian Lambach

Lyrics by Ian Lambach with invaluable assistance from Michael Funaro and Sarah Lambach

All music performed by Ian Lambach except:

Steve Maule: Drums and Percussion

Connor Lyle: Backing Vocals

Garrin Jost: Lower Backing Vocals on Walking/Running, The Words and Going Around, and Bells on Going Around

Tom Teslik: Bass on The Words and Warning

Griffen Clark: Cello


tags: rock Moline


all rights reserved


Comfort Moline, Illinois


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Track Name: Avalon
Looking out of the play set
Saw her sitting all alone
I was climbing higher still
Would you like to talk a while?

Dreaming in my bed that night
Saw her dancing on the stars
Reaching high I yelled to her
Could you come down for a while
Track Name: Walking/Running
Ya, I'll meet you there
By the hole in the fence
We could walk to the pond
And then walk right back

In the end
Whatever brought us to this place
I know will stay for good

Ya, I'll meet you there
Underneath the ash
I gotta do my chores
And then I'll meet you there

I'm so glad to see you here
And the sun is shining down
I brought snacks to share with you
We could eat them at the park

Teacher says I've got detention
She don't know that someone's waiting
Slip through the halls when no one's looking
Slip outside and run to safety
Spot you as I climb the hill
Underneath the old ash hill
You don't mind my knees are muddy
From falling down while I was running

I'm so glad that we are here
And the sun is smiling down
The world is ours that's what I think
And with a push and a wink
You send me rolling down the hill
Let's just have fun instead
Track Name: The Words
Our talks do you think about them
In class or in your bed?
Sometimes when I'm unsure
I think of things you've said

I'm searching for hints or clues
In all of the things you do
I've been trying for so long
But there's so many things you do

The way you walk and hold your pencil
Can't help but to notice
Sometimes I try to act brave
Sometimes I think you know

Are you searching for the words?

The biggest ideas are stuck in my head
There are things I just can't quite say
They are growing every day
Track Name: Going Around
I've found a girl
She don't mind
Wasting time

Lying on the floor
Talking 'bout
Nothing much

Oh, Help me!
When we're in class
My mind it wanders
Time just won't pass

And when we hold hands
The birds all sing
The greatest things

Oh, Help me!
When she kisses me
My legs give out
My eyes can't see
Track Name: Stay with Me
When I was a kid I heard about
These two that tied strings around their wrists
And anywhere that one would go
The other'd go

I kind of thought we were those two
But lately are string is coming loose
Lately our string's begun to fray
Would should we do

Can't you see
The breeze moving thin leaves
In to the faint
Darkening distance
A glimpse in to
Unraveling wonders
Unleashed by
The now forsaken
Paths we tread

I think we may have gone too far
Hop a fence we can head back home
Your eyes are distant, Not this time
I need you know

Words expressing nothing at all
Carried away by the endless torrents of rain
Pounding like hammers on my mind
Drowning out your apologies
Or is it me that can't accept it?

Stay with me
Track Name: Warning
The sky heaves open
But they do not say
Headless children crawling
Closer to me
The wind carries blossoms
Of cherry trees
She catches the blackest
The radiant Queen

Through walls she walks
She in no one
Hold on where have you gone?
Lost, weary, and lost
This maze is expanding
Hold on doesn't it end
On stars now she rest
I reach out toward her
Hold on

Gone are the flowers
We walked through
Bathe in the summer
The night sky
The night sky breathes
Her eyes move all
Oh, Great sun
Have I found you?
Is this done

Arms around
You've become the quietest sound

Beauty leaves replaced by what?
When left with nothing cling to love
Opened wide you fill my eyes
Covering the starlit night
Track Name: Dream II
It's not the kind of thing you'll feel
When you're alone beneath the wheel
It comes to you at times like these

It's not the kind of thing I think
That anyone could hope to know
It comes to you at times like these

Why can't we just talk?
It's getting hard to think at all
This wall that we have built
I'd rather knock it down instead

It's not the kind of thing you'll see
When brighter lights are shining down
It comes to you in times of dark

It's not the kind of thing, I think
That anyone would to be
When it comes to you... you'll see

Do you think of me?
Like I think of you?
I still think of you

We were burning for the words
To take away the things that we both knew were wrong
I'll leave you all alone with yourself
I'll leave you all alone with this song

Do you think of me?
I hope and pray you know that I still think of you
I'm burning up but still I only think of you

In my head there is a thought that no one knows
And there it stays
In my home there is a room where no one goes
It's there I wait
On my arm there is a scar I made for you
To never forget
In my head there is a thought that no one knows
To find you again

Words collapse in to the sun
You alone could leave me here
You alone would leave me here

Don't forget me
When they come for you which we both know they will
Keep your memories close
Be strong

In the spring there was a time I shared with you
But now it's gone

Did you feel it at the bottom of your toes
Coming up from the bottom to the top?
Did you feel it at the bottom of your soul?
I felt it, too

I still see you at the bottom of the stairs
Running up from the bottom to the top
I can catch you fall

But this is your last chance
Track Name: Gone or: Forever
She wanted to see
The things that she'd known
When she was with me
She laid in her bed
And filled up her head
With times that we'd spent

Ici je peux voir clairement
Dieu, je peux voir à l'infini

I needed to see
The things that she sees
Now that she's without me
So deeper I went
In search of her mind
And found myself there

Emerging sun-drenched I feel alive
All is clear now in my mind
I will see this through

The straight path curves
There west it lies
And never near
Til sun does fade

She lifts her arm in grace
All that follow, paths extend
Projecting beyond condition
Attracting all that can be known
A bondage not escaped

It's only to be with you my friend
My days have been nothing now that you've left
But when I wake the things that I'll see
I'll know there not for me
I've had some bad dreams and the felt so real
I'm starting to feel that enough is enough
Trapped as I am I stay where I am
Keeping light out is all that I want
When I wake the things that I'll see
I'll know there not for me
And those that wander apart
Who would wander apart?

She wanted to see
The things that she'd known
Back when there was me
And when she awoke
She went back to bed
And did not dream

In here I can see forever
But I must go now or I'll die here
Track Name: Avalon
A fall was coming from the start
When I colored you the heroine
It's getting hard to tell
If I'm pursuing just another one
Are you one of them?
Only time will tell
But either way I know
This was coming from the start

A boy awakens all alone on a beach
He is naked, badly beaten
His legs are shackled to the sands
As time passes he builds his masterpiece
A castle made of swept away to the sea
All alone on my bike
This is what I'm bringing you

And so I ride, forever west,
To gather the remains
Across the plains, through mountain pass
More til the ocean still
And finally rest, to look beyond
The land for which I search
Again I ride, I'll always ride
To California

Forgive me there's no note
I did what I was forced to
What could I have even said?
I did what I was forced to
I must follow my heart
And it leads me far from you
I couldn't be yours for long
We both knew I couldn't stay
But I was yours for a little while
Track Name: The Ocean
I had no wisdom
And yet you taught me
Illuminated, beyond conditions
Water is clear to the bottom
Where the fish swims
Without moving

The sky is vast and boundless
Where the bird flies away
And disappears

Just one word
Of a poem is better
Which if a man hears
He is quiet
This being that appears
Then loses
Every meaning

The withered tree spoken of
Is nothing but the ocean drying up
An ocean does not retain
What is the ocean?
Free of forms

All good and bad
In time will pass
All at once
Grasping and not grasping that

The sky is vast and boundless
Where the bird flies away
And disappears